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Anointed Faith and Prayer Handkerchiefs..

*Anointed Prayer Handkerchiefs Sections From World Wide Day of Healing ..(WWDH) Free Will Donations Only...

Many place anointed handkerchief sections in their wallets, under their or their Loved Ones pillows, in their bank books, in their cars, give to others as gifts, or carry them in their pockets for unusual, wonderful manifestations! Items are a point of contact and agreement prayer that inspires faith and encouragement.. Scripture Prayer and instructions included with this wonderful, spiritually anointed, unusual item..

These Handkerchiefs were prayed over in the Spirit (tongues) and natural prayer while on the Alter of the Church during and after the fellowship services According to Scripture in the Book of the Acts 19:11,12

I Just concluded participating in a wonderful fellowship with the Anointed Love Ministries in Fairview Heights, Illinois and the Spirit of the Lord Really Moved Wonderfully! Good Ground Ministries is offering a remnant of that atmosphere and anointing with the Anointed Handkerchiefs..
These Point of Contact Faith Objects were anointed with Frankincense Oil and Placed on the alter with the Healing Service fellowship under the Anointed Love Ministries , Fairview Heights, Illinois. Additionally, thousands of people Worldwide united their prayers and Faith for physical, Emotional, Financial, Relationship, and Family Healings during this national day of effective agreement prayer...

See Website for more information on the World Wide Day of Healing.. http://www.cfhunter.org/testimonies.htm

Anointed Prayer Handkerchief Sections From the Annual World Wide Day of Healing (WWDH ) for Any Free will Donation (Tax Deductable).

Specify Color and Number of Anointed Handkerchief Sections (up to 3) Desired.
White, Gray, or Black

Donate by Pay Pal, Credit Card, or by Mail Order (below) to Receive Your Anointed Hankerchief Section by Postal Mail..help .. Luke 6:38, Jer. 29:11

All Donations for Anointed Prayer Handkerchief Sections are Tax Deductible

Be Blessed, Stay Blessed, by Being a Blessing to Others! Luke 6:38
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Good Ground Ministries is a supporter of CFHunter Ministries ministers and their Fellowships and is an ordained International Outreach Minister under One Way Ministries, St. Louis, Mo.
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God Bless You Abundantly with Uncommon Peace, Wisdom, Understanding, Provisions, and Divine Health! Phillipians 4:16-19

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Good Wisdom for Life Principles...


How to Insure that What You Make "Go Around" Comes "BAck Around" to You In a Positive, Prosperous Manner..

If people really believed “What goes around really does Come back around”, they would also know that this same principle can be exercised in a positive manner, on purpose, as well. It is mostly used when someone does "somebody wrong" and thus people use this to "put others down" while exalting themselves. This saying is no more than the biblical truth of, “God is not mocked, Whatever a person “sows” that will he also reap”. Galatians 6:7 This law " of reaping and sowing is not a threat by God for “humanity to get their act right or else” as some religions purport, but rather a principle and a "tool" that anyone can purposely initiate to ensure that what one “puts out”, they will attract back into their lives.

Often people mistake this scriptural truth as "Karma" but "karma" teaches that people are reincarnated in order to reap what they have sown (for all eternity) but the bible does not teach this. This "law" (divine order of functioning) of God was not just meant to use when someone else hurts us and we can use it as “revenge” “to voice our disappointments (What Goes Around Comes Around) for one “doing us wrong” but that it operates and functions positively also when it is appropriated on purpose much like one would start a garden and expecting a harvest from the seeds planted. The problem with this truth is that most people “sow accidentally” because they do not realize that there is such a law that attracts in kind of all we give. When negative things manifest in the midst of those that do not understand this law, they are confused as to why. They blame it on bad luck and often point the finger at others for their misfeasance.

The answer to unpleasant circumstances is in their "sowing". But anyone can “sow“ or “give“ “on purpose“ and can be assured that this law will work in the same way positively as it does negatively! (Words, actions, thinking). As we understand that anyone can “sow” and “give” on purpose and expect a “return” in kind of what is given, they will have their “Reasons” as to “Why” things happen in their lives.

But the laws (of God) as declared in Galatians 6:7 and Luke 6:38 is so absolute that even money and other tangible objects as well as acts of kindness, etc. are subject to it. If one desired financial increase, for example, they would begin to give financially to constructive organizations and people. This kind of giving is similar to planting vegetable seeds in a garden and expecting a later harvest.

Anyone can apply this powerful principle in the area of attracting Love, (not lust) Prosperity, and Friendships as well. Yet scripture teaches in this law that, "those that sow to the "flesh" shall reap corruption and those that sow to the spirit will reap a greater understanding, peace of mind, as well as provisions from God. (Galatians 6:8) Yet One need only to “give” (plant first) what one desires in return (later harvest). This principle never fails to multiply the exact “kind, quality”, and both “spiritual and physical manifestation levels” of all actions, words, deeds, and thinking patterns “sown”. Scripture makes it plain that things happen to us because of our ignorance (ignoring) of the truth in scripture) which teaches that there are established, "Kingdom Principles" and Spiritual Laws that are always, constantly, eternally operating within our world.

Those that have been na├»ve, vulnerable, or untutored concerning the things of God, and his common sense, and life, are often victims of the same laws that were established to be blessed so that we may be a blessing. What Comes Around, goes Around is one of these principles. “Sowing” is something we do as a choice, knowing that which we extend to others will come back to us somehow by the established “Laws“ of God (Love). If what we give to others is not returned specifically from those we personally give to, the “Law of What Goes Around…Comes Back Around” always functions on our behalf… Scripture makes it clear that when we give, “It will come Back to Us”.. Period..” Galatians 6:7

It is a certainty in life that if what and whom we give to does not come back from the person we desire, then they were probably never worthy of that which you have given in the First place and your season or mission quite well may be over with that person. But, scripture assures us that another “harvest” is on its way into our lives from our Sowing or “Quality of giving” you have been extending. Luke 6:38 Scripture declares that the Blessing of the Lord makes us “rich” in all things and adds no sorrow with it, and that "God is not mocked.. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap", meaning that there is a harvest for all that we have given whether of negative or positive good nature. This is also the established eternal process of reciprocal perfection of, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay says the Lord, and “Allowing the Lord to fight our battles” instead of taking matters in our own hands. Proverbs 10:22, Romans 12:19

Most people, not understanding this law of the universe and the Spirit realm, want a “huge harvest” of kindness, respect, or Love from others for example, without having planted any “seeds first“! But the entire order of God (Love) is based upon a “seed” time and harvest basis. Jesus told his disciples that if they did not understand this concept of "seed time and harvest", then they would not understand any of the truths and “mysterious sayings concerning “spiritual” things and the order of the Kingdom of God, including the understanding of releasing faith effectively within their lives. Mark 4:13, Genesis 8:22

Why is it that when most people quote the saying, "What goes Around Comes Around", or "you Reap What You Sow", seems to be used in the context of only Negative things experienced as a result of a wrong someone committed? The truth of the matter is that whatever we are responsible for in distressing another, whether emotionally or physically, guess where those repercussions of your own distresses or scrapes and bruises derive? It wasn’t bad luck, or one of the favorite quotes of those that are ignorant (ignoring) to this Kingdom Principle, “Everything happens for a reason” but rather you (we) are the beginning and ending of that “reasoning happening in your life) Gal. 6:7,8

This is another Borrowed Belief has been handed down through generations and accepted as indisputable fact because those that did not know how to “sow on purpose” became victims of the same law that is established and designed to bless them also. Reaping and Sowing.. It is a Choice. Not a weapon to put others down in order to lift yourself up.... Know that when someone just happens to be kind through a gesture, gift, or uplifting to you, it is the same law working on your behalf as described in Luke 6:38, working in your midst and in the measure that you have given.. Certainly, what goes around, comes around. So the question is, are you sowing by accident or on purpose?

PRAYER.. ….“Father, in the Name (conceptual reality, authority, and proxy) of Jesus, I confess that I have not been seeking to appropriate your divine law of giving exactly what I desire to receive, and I change my mind and heart (repent), and ask you to fill my heart with your glory (presence), of Love, understanding, wisdom and Grace (divine influence upon my heart and the want to) so that I may purposely and consciously benefit from this precept..

I ask for you to Forgive me for my sin (of missing God's best for my life) and I open my heart and ask you to come and live your life in me by your Spirit that I may be equipped to be full of your goodness that I may extend it to others and have access to be filled with all knowledge so that I may be guided and led according to your word. Romans 15:14.. Thank you Father and I receive it now! In the name (conceptual reality) and of Love of Jesus I petition and pray.. Amen..!!!

K. Bleu Campbell, Godd Ground Ministries

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